At Mind supports Project Gooseberry

Project Gooseberry, the working name of the movie, will be directed by Matthieu Auvray, known for the “Babioles” series and will be created by a network of studios worldwide. All using open source software. From a technology perspective, project Gooseberry comes with lots of interesting challenges. Challenges that require non-standard solutions. For us a reason …


Need help with Blender or Blender Game Engine?

Do you have an idea but don’t know how or if Blender can realize this? Do you want an overview of the possibilities of Blender? As developers we are well aware of what the software can or cannot do. Tell us your idea and we can analyze how Blender fits the purpose. We can also …


Feature development for Blender, Maya, Nuke or Modo?

Need a feature for Blender, Maya, Nuke or Modo? Do you have a specific workflow and cannot find the right tooling? Are your current scripts becoming a bottleneck? Perhaps you can think about enhancing your tooling by creating custom plugins. Scripting in most tools are limited, and take a long time to run. Plugins have …


Notes: Open discussion about Blender compositor

At the Blender conference 2012 At Mind organized an open discussion about Blender compositor. During this discussion the current issues were discussed, some proposals were made and we discussed what our next step should be. Here are the notes. Access compositor from video sequencer: Make the compositor accessible from the video sequencer. Border compositing: Let …


Tears of Steel premiere

Wednesday 26 September 2012 around 19h (AMS time) the OpenMovie Tears of Steel will have its online premiere. Tears of Steel (Project Mango) is Blender Foundations 4th Open Movie, again produced and realized in the studio of the Blender Institute in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. About 8 artists and 2 developers have been invited to come …


Tiles compositor

Tiles compositor is the new free open source compositor back-end. Compositing is used to combine visual elements from separate sources; to create the illusion that all these elements are part of the same scene. The tiles compositor is integrated with Blender (from version 2.64 and up). Blender can be downloaded from here. Feature: Node based …



Blender-aid is a tool that helps you manage Blender productions. Blender focuses on the creation of content. Blender-aid focuses on managing the content of a production. This content is located in many files. Using Blender to manage content across files is difficult, especially when the content is not part of a single scene (= technical …


At Mind at AFDS 2012

At Mind is going to present on AMD Fusion Development Summit 2012 in Seattle. The presentation is about Blender Cycles & Blender Tiles. PG-4338 – Blender Cycles and Tiles – Enhancing user experience v1.0