Support us

Support us in opensource development. Supporting us will get you more features. Every money received will be spend in open source projects. Currently we are planning new projects.

  • Blender Compositing Cache – The speed of Blender new Tile based compositor can be increased by using a smart caching mechanism. This will allow you to composite even faster.
  • Blender Compositor Relightning – Makes it possible to relight a scene from Blenders compositor.
  • Blender Deep Image Compositing – Deep Images have more data than normal images (multiple color information per pixel). This data is very useful when doing composites.
  • Blender Basic Alembic Support – Alembic is a file based vertex cache. It is very usefull for baking animations and simulations. This project is scoped to Alembic import/export.

Donations are welcome on our paypal account. With the donations we received, we have created a new Tile based compositor system for Blender and a technical asset management tool called Blender-aid.