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Project Gooseberry, the working name of the movie, will be directed by Matthieu Auvray, known for the “Babioles” series and will be created by a network of studios worldwide. All using open source software.

From a technology perspective, project Gooseberry comes with lots of interesting challenges. Challenges that require non-standard solutions. For us a reason to join this project and master these challenges. Just to give a brief insight:

Asset management

One of the many challenges is how to manage all the assets created by different teams at different locations. Assets could be disconnected and can have multiple versions. It can be that a studio will not have the latest version of an asset when working on a shot.

This puts quite some challenges on the renderer as it has to be aware of which version is being used by which shot.

Different pipelines

Every studio will work with their own pipeline. So how do we connect the outputs from the different studio’s into a single inter-connected pipeline?

Data management

Producing a full feature film means creating 10 to 100 times more data than was created during Sintel or Tears of Steel.  Having the appropriate data at the right time on the right location is another challenge that has to be dealt with.

As maintainers of the compositor we’ve identified some challenges in this area as well.

Performance & memory management

To improve 4K compositing, memory usage should be reduced, and performance should be increased. This will be done by supporting multiple types of memory buffers and by implementing a different kind of scheduling. More information can be found at:

Why do we support project Gooseberry?

It’s cool, it has not been done before and it comes with lots of technology challenges that require innovative ideas.

Not only will this project create a cool open movie with all content freely available under Creative Commons but it will also improve Blender and produce technology solutions available for everyone.

At Mind (Jeroen & Monique)

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