Blender-aid is a tool that helps you manage Blender productions. Blender focuses on the creation of content. Blender-aid focuses on managing the content of a production. This content is located in many files. Using Blender to manage content across files is difficult, especially when the content is not part of a single scene (= technical representation of a movie script). You can download Blender-aid here.

What can you do with it?

The 2 main features of blender-aid are visibility and refactoring.

Visibility presents technical data of a production in different ways, like the links between files or the output settings of files. Presenting the data in a useful way lets you see where and why a file is used. With this information it is possible to answer questions like: “What scenes needs to be re-rendered when you modify a file or a part of a file?”.

During the creation of a production changes happen. Blender-aid can perform complex refactoring tasks like renaming a file or moving a file to another folder location. Blender-aid will assure that the structure of the production stays intact.

Who uses Blender-aid?


Colin Levy,

Pataz studio

Blender-aid is a must for us. 

Daniel Salazar


Bassam Kurdali,

Ott Planetarium

We used Blender-Aid to support the production of “Expanded View.”. Blender-Aid gave us a highly detailed “top-down” view of our project as it was being produced – we could see many important details and it even helped us catch a few errors and inconsistencies, saving many hours of render time. Blender-Aid is now a regular part of our production suite – we look forward to using it in our future work. 

Ron Proctor,

Production Coordinator

We’ll definetly be using this while working on our projects, until blender will be getting such functionality

How does it work?

Using Blender-aid is very simple. Just configure where your production is located on your computer. Blender-aid will inspect the files in the given location. With your web browser you can navigate through your production and perform refactoring tasks. Download the user manual: Blender-aid usermanual.

When do you use it?

Blender-aid has been designed for small teams working on blender animations or series. But feel free to use it and see what it can do for you. By using modern web and data warehousing techniques it enables you to quickly inspect and control your production.

See it in action


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