Tears of Steel premiere


Wednesday 26 September 2012 around 19h (AMS time) the OpenMovie Tears of Steel will have its online premiere.

Tears of Steel (Project Mango) is Blender Foundations 4th Open Movie, again produced and realized in the studio of the Blender Institute in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. About 8 artists and 2 developers have been invited to come over to Amsterdam for 6-7 months to create a short vfx-based sci-fi movie with Blender. Lead by renowned Blender artist Ian Hubert (direction, script). Do you want to own a DVD box with the next stuff, you can order it here.

  • An NTSC and a PAL DVD with film and extras
  • DVD-ROM with film in HD
  • All studio data to recreate the film from scratch (CC-by)
  • All software to recreate the film from scratch (GNU GPL)
  • A lot of extras, like documentary, tutorials, documentation, raw footage, and so on.

The movie is also used as a test-bed for our Tiles compositor.

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