Kufanya todo (tablet version)


Kufanya todo is a personal task/todo manager. The layout is optimized for tablets and large screen devices.


  • Items can be organized in workspaces like ‘Home’ or ‘Work’.
  • Items can be organized in projects.
  • Items can be assigned to contacts.
  • Items can be prioritized by the ‘Getting things done’ method.
  • Items can be filtered by selecting project,contact or priority.
  • Easy adding tasks, automatically filling in details based on the filter.
  • Drag and drop to easily change items.

WikiPedia: Getting Things Done is a book by productivity consultant David Allen that describes the method/procedure that he created with the same title name, often referred to simply as GTD. The Getting Things Done method rests on the idea that a person needs to move tasks out of the mind by recording them externally, so the mind is free from the job of remembering the tasks that need to be completed. One can then concentrate on performing the tasks, instead of remembering.”

See it in work. Watch the Kufanya promotion video!

Kufanya only costs 2.50 EUR. There is also a free light version available. This lite version is limited to 2 workspaces, 4 projects and 50 tasks.

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