Tiles compositor


Tiles compositor is the new free open source compositor back-end. Compositing is used to combine visual elements from separate sources; to create
the illusion that all these elements are part of the same scene. The tiles compositor is integrated with Blender (from version 2.64 and up). Blender can be downloaded from here.

Feature: Node based compositor

Node based composting is used in the most powerful compositors. It is flexible, easy to work with and can handle very complex setups. All tasks that a compositor can handle are implemented in nodes. these nodes can be connected to each other making a network.

Feature: Tile based execution system

There are two reasons to use a tile based system.

Memory: when going to large images (4k) will take 128 MB in memory for a single layer. In a normal case multiple layers and multiple images are used, making memory a problem. In a tiled based system only the part of the image that is being used will be loaded into memory.

Time: In complex setups only part of images will end up in the result. When applying a time consuming blur to the image other systems calculate the blur for the whole image. In our system the blur will only be applied to the part that will end up in the result, saving a lot of calculation time.

Feature: Tile priority

The system will try to give as soon as possible feedback to the user. The system first determines what part of the result first should be made visible to the user. It then executes all tiles that are needed to calculate that part. Before starting other calculation the final part will be displayed to the user resulting in very fast feedback.

Feature: OpenCL compositing

Modern computers have CPU’s with many cores, and very powerful GPU’s. Some calculations are better performing on CPU, others on GPU. The system calculates a tile on the best available device for calculations that needs to be done. If you don’t have an OpenCL capable system, don’t worry it will automatically fall-back to normal the CPU.

Movies created using the Tiles compositor

The funding of the project has been achieved by crowd-funding.


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