Blendernation blogs on OpenCL compositor

Blendernation – the Blender news site – did an article on Blender OpenCL compositor. Also look at the comments. A lot of reactions and people who want this feature this instance.


OpenCL research

At the moment we are researching the possibilities of OpenCL together with Blender. At this moment we are designing a blender kernel addition to support OpenCL and are looking in the usage of OpenCL in the compositor. It is a really complex task and are looking for sponsors on this subject.


Siggraph 2010

We are going to Siggraph 2010. If you want to say hi to us, please let us know so that we can get in contact. Siggraph is the main event for new technologies in the film and CG industry. It is held twice a year. For more information about Siggraph, please visit their site:


Blender-aid bug

When using Blender 2.5 trunk together with Blender-aid it is possible that Blender-aid won’t work correctly. What’s the case? Around March 2010 there was an mistake in the Blender2.5 trunk SDNA records what made Blender-aid fail. A part of the Blender source code was included in the SDNA as a field name, what was incorrect. …