Blender 2.64 released with Tiles compositor

The new Blender 2.64 has been released including the Tiles compositor. Make sure you read the compositor part of the release notes. Thanks for Your Support The new tile based compositor was crowd-funded. A huge thanks to the community! Developers: Monique Dewanchand Jeroen Bakker Dalai Felinto Lukas Tönne And a huge thanks to Campbell Barton …


Tears of Steel premiere

Wednesday 26 September 2012 around 19h (AMS time) the OpenMovie Tears of Steel will have its online premiere. Tears of Steel (Project Mango) is Blender Foundations 4th Open Movie, again produced and realized in the studio of the Blender Institute in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. About 8 artists and 2 developers have been invited to come …


Siggraph 2012

At Mind will be at Siggraph 2012. Meet us at Khronos theater or Blender stand for some cool demonstrations. Here we are testing Blender on a Wacom screen.


At Mind at AFDS 2012

At Mind is going to present on AMD Fusion Development Summit 2012 in Seattle. The presentation is about Blender Cycles & Blender Tiles. PG-4338 – Blender Cycles and Tiles – Enhancing user experience v1.0