Tears of Steel premiere

Wednesday 26 September 2012 around 19h (AMS time) the OpenMovie Tears of Steel will have its online premiere. Tears of Steel (Project Mango) is Blender Foundations 4th Open Movie, again produced and realized in the studio of the Blender Institute in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. About 8 artists and 2 developers have been invited to come …


Kufanya todo (tablet version)

Kufanya todo is a personal task/todo manager. The layout is optimized for tablets and large screen devices. Features Items can be organized in workspaces like ‘Home’ or ‘Work’. Items can be organized in projects. Items can be assigned to contacts. Items can be prioritized by the ‘Getting things done’ method. Items can be filtered by …


Tiles compositor

Tiles compositor is the new free open source compositor back-end. Compositing is used to combine visual elements from separate sources; to create the illusion that all these elements are part of the same scene. The tiles compositor is integrated with Blender (from version 2.64 and up). Blender can be downloaded from here. Feature: Node based …



Experience and discover South Africa with Routespots. Routespots is a location-based application for travelers in South Africa that offers specials on beds and activities that are nearby and on route. This application is your travel guide containing the latest specials/advertisements from South African touroperators, hostels and backpackers. But also interesting places and festivals to visit. …


Generating bokeh reference images

Blender 2.64 has a new compositor node called the “Bokeh Image”. The node generates reference images. These images can be used with blurs and give the user more flexibility matching the blur with the camera-footage. But how does this node works? We want to know if a pixel is inside the bokeh. We do this …



Blender-aid is a tool that helps you manage Blender productions. Blender focuses on the creation of content. Blender-aid focuses on managing the content of a production. This content is located in many files. Using Blender to manage content across files is difficult, especially when the content is not part of a single scene (= technical …


Siggraph 2012

At Mind will be at Siggraph 2012. Meet us at Khronos theater or Blender stand for some cool demonstrations. Here we are testing Blender on a Wacom screen.


At Mind at AFDS 2012

At Mind is going to present on AMD Fusion Development Summit 2012 in Seattle. The presentation is about Blender Cycles & Blender Tiles. PG-4338 – Blender Cycles and Tiles – Enhancing user experience v1.0